Interview: Amine Edge & DANCE | The Boys Who Make Good Music

Having caught the attention with their g-house tracks spreading from France to Europe then to the whole world, Amine Edge & DANCE have achieved a great success and they have been supported by major names like Carl Cox.

The duo who is focusing their energy on their works with their own label called CUFF Records, continues performing all around the world non-stop. I had a chance to have an interview with the “swag” duo before their performance to be realised at garajistanbul on March 11, 2016 with the support of Limits Off, with the contribution of Burn and %100 Music under the organization of FG 93.7.

First of all, thanks for accepting the interview request. My first question is about your musical journey, how do you desribe this incredible journey of yours when you compare the very first beginning and the current moment?

DANCE: It’s actually crazy how life can change in only 1 month. I used stay at home and make hip hop beats for french rappers. Then the month after I was a House DJ, touring everywhere in the world with my best friend. Now it’s been 4 years, we are still doing our things and it’s still working well for us. I think I will never be grateful enough for all these good things who happened.

Amine Edge: Same thing here, I was struggling doing my music at home, our collaboration gave us wings and now here we are.

I follow you on your Soundcloud profile and even from the sets that you are uploading constantly on it, it is obvious that you are touring a lot. Once I read on your Facebook page saying that “Working 24/7, anywhere, everywhere is the key”, how do you concentrate on your work during all these travels and performances?

DANCE: We do work 24/7, there is always something to do. Amine prefer to work at night and I prefer during the day so the « machine » never stop. I make music on my laptop everywhere. In hotels, in the flight, even in the taxi sometimes. Also we have some group chats on Whatsapp with our team so we are always connected. When I’m in a place without Wi-Fi I’m going crazy (laughs).

Amine Edge: We are really aware about that chance we have to be where and who we are, we are aware that we worked really hard to achieve these goals, but we aware that nothing is never done, we have to work always harder to grow or just to keep what we have. It’s a like a race, stop running and you will lose.

How does it feel when you meet people from different countries who all loves your music?

DANCE: It feels great. It’s one of the reason why we are doing this job. When you meet some people from Peru or Brazil for example and you see that they know everything about you it’s crazy. I’d never knew that one day I’d go in one of these countries. It gives motivation to keep working hard.

Amine Edge: Thats true, and one of the most crazy things is when some fans cry or shake because the yare impressed to meet their idoles. Or some people who get involved to house music because of us or some who start making music because of us.


What are your current likes among g-house tracks released by other artists? Any favourites?

Amine Edge & DANCE: Basically, back in the days we created our music who were diferent than anyone, we called it G-House because we believe that our unique genre of house needed a name. Now lots of people call their music g-house because it’s the new fashion genre, but most of them are really bad music with no flavor, no soul, and we dont support it, then people misunderstood that we support this bad music. So we try to stay away from g-house for our good. But of course some producers are amazing doing g-house but it’s a very small amount.

Lastly, what should we expect from Amine Edge & Dance in 2016? Any news you would like to give to your fans?

Amine Edge & DANCE: We’re gonna keep touring all over the world. We will release a free mixtape with all the tracks we made since 2014. We will keep working on our label CUFF and release good music.

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