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Velten Doering aka Dirty Doering has started this musical journey of his when he was quite young. Organizing amazing parties, producing brilliant tracks and working for a long time have gathered around to make him swiftly advance on his career.

He has accomplished many great works in collaboration with Bar25, Watergate and many other big clubs. Following these, he has crested with his famous label “Katermukke” that was founded in 2011. In our days, he is accepted as one of the major names in Berlin’s underground scene.

On November 14, Dirty Doering was in Istanbul within “Berlin Ist Techno”, the event held by Generic Music. I had a lovely chat with Dirty Doering just before his performance at Kloster Istanbul.


Welcome to Istanbul! We had a lovely Turkish dinner together. I think it’s not the very first time of your being here, how many times have you been in Istanbul?

I don’t know, 7-8 times. I think I was here for the first time 5 years ago, in 2010. There was a guy who used to make this after-hours, I don’t remember his name but this was the first time.

Are there any specific things you like to do when you come here?

The first time I stayed here more than one night. We went to the bazaar, took the tram – the old one and ate Turkish food. It’s really a nice a city.

Is it one of your favourite cities?

It is a favourite city. It is too big and too chaos. It is the same when you come from a village to Berlin. But if you are there, you get it but when you come from Berlin, Istanbul is too big. I like this kind of Asian – European bridges…

You have started your musical journey when you were 19. Is there a specific reason of your having started at such a young age?

I had education, I’m sports and gymnastic teacher. Because there was a way I could go but I left them.

Too many people may ask you this but why did you choose music at that age?

It wasn’t a choice. It was my hobby, my friends were making parties and then I was playing at parties for free at the weekend. I had a job and an education time. But during the week, I had a normal job. I was working at Beatport for 5 years, I was working at a record store for 5 years, I did gastronomy for over 5 years, you know selling drinks and other stuff; organizing clubs and making parties and a lot of different things.

Which year is the top year of your musical journey?

2010. Because the club “Bar25” where I was a resident DJ was closed and I had the release called “I Would”. Everyone knew me with this release. I don’t know if you have seen the video, you see the time from the Bar25 on a really nice bay. Every picture you see on the video is from Bar25 on Sunday. It is amazing, you have to watch it. It’s old but my best music video.

I think that the old ones should not be forgotten.

Yes. It’s dance music so they don’t get old. After 10 years maybe but 5 years is like this kind of safe area.


You have collaborated with many successful names and you have got yourself into many things like launching label records, party concepts and much more. What is the secret for this success?

I’m still working. I have a lot of friends, they have made me to do stuff. I can’t do it on my own all the time. So friends and yeah, being interested in something and working help. Also you have to learn how to produce. If you have a job you don’t have so much free time so you have to meet people and they maybe teach you, they can show you something what you don’t know and then you have to learn.

I think that every production that is made up with the new technology is not that good in this century. You download the programs and you do it. What do you think about it?

It is the same. I started this computer producing maybe 10 years ago. I would say I’m still learning in this case. Every time there is something new, I have no idea so somebody has to explain to me or I have to figure it out.

Isn’t it hard to keep it up with the developing technology?

I think it’s easy. But you need time. You don’t learn it if you have two hours in a week, so you have to go more.

Do you have a schedule?

Yes a little bit. It is not that busy like in the past when I had a job. I was working Monday to Thursday or Friday, from 9 to 6 and then after 6 I was going to the studio to produce tracks. Learning is the biggest thing.

How would you sum up the last year?

It was an amazing year. Best parties, best festivals… It was really a good year. 2014 was a good year but 2015 was much better, so let’s see what 2016 can do. (laughs)

What should we expect for the next year?

A lot of nice artists and releases and also some Katermukke showcases and festivals. I have Australian, Cape Town and South Africa tour. Things like these.

What about tonight? Are you excited?

Yes! Every gig I had in Istanbul was amazing. Ankara and Istanbul, I couldn’t believe it before but they were amazing. I think it will rock tonight. We are sold-out, right? So we will rock. (laughs)

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