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My next guest is Drunken Kong that is one of the talented artists that come to mind when we talk about techno music.

Drunken Kong is the project of D. Singh and DJ Kyoko. In 2010, the two started their project when one day, they suddenly decided to make a track together. They have been releasing music on major international labels such as Christian Smith`s Tronic, Monika Kruse`s Terminal M, Transmit Recordings, Loose Records,!Organism, and Unity Records. All 7 tracks of their newest EPs on Tronic and Terminal M have entered Beatport Top 100 Techno chart at the same time, which has made an impact on the Asian and global techno scene. Their music is gaining a lot of attention/support from international top artists and DJs such as Adam Beyer, Christian Smith, Monika Kruse, Pan-Pot, Umek, Boris, 2000 and One, Uto Karem, Karotte, Filterheadz, Dosem, Stephan Hinz, Wehbba Wally Lopez, and Deadmau5 just to name a few.

Drunken Kong will be performing on 16th of February (which is tonight!) at Zorlu PSM / Studio as part of the first event of We Luv Techno! series. I will be on the decks for warming up the night and Mabbas will be closing the night. You can buy your tickets by clicking here. I also carried out an interview with Drunken Kong before his performance.

Hello, firstly thank you for accepting our interview request. Let’s talk about passion and love for techno music. How has been this musical journey up to now for you?

Thank you for having me on this interview.

Well its been a long way since I first got into electronic music. I fell in love with this music when I was around 14 years old and since those days, it has been a very big part of my life which eventually led to me Djing and also producing. I started producing in 2001 and my passion for music making hasn’t changed until this day.

Could you tell us about the history of finding the name “Drunken Kong?” How did it come up?

Our name Drunken Kong came up with taking both our initials from Dee and my partner Kyoko. This all started when we got in the studio and started making tracks together just purely for fun. Once we completed our very first track, we needed to name it so we took our initials and eventually came up with our project name. We never expected to be releasing music at the time!

What are your 3 favourite techno music scenes and why?

One would definitely be Japan. The reason is that there are so many parties, from weekdays to weekends, in various sized venues which is really great!

Spain is also one of my favourite places. From cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and of course the island of Ibiza, the quality and energy of the parties are just really really amazing!

Germany is also somewhere that really amazed me. I really enjoyed the party culture there, with so many different styles of venues and music, which is always fun. The energy is great too!

What do you think about the future of techno music?

I think the future is looking great for techno music. Since there are so many different styles now with different feeling and elements, I think it’s really attracting many people from other genres which is a really good thing.

Lastly, you are going to play this Friday at Zorlu PSM Studio that is one best venues of Istanbul. How do you feel? Any message for your fans?

I am super excited for this Friday. It’s my first time in Turkey so I am really looking forward to it. I have also heard so many good things about Zorlu PSM so I really cant wait to play!!!

I really hope to see as many people on Friday and I hope you will enjoy the music I have prepared for this day!!

Interview in Turkish, please click here.

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