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Samuel Kindermann, known as Einmusik, has dedicated himself to travel and inspiration from the very beginning of his musical journey. Berlin-based DJ and producer is quite successful at creating unique musical pieces and this success can be seen from every performance of his.

In addition to his ravishing releases from many labels like Noir Music, Katermukke and Kittball, he is also famous for his own label company called Einmusika Recordings. He has already performed at many big festivals like Fusion Festival and even after 10 years, he doesn’t seem to stop.

On November 14, Einmusik was in Istanbul within “Berlin Ist Techno”, the event held by Generic Music. I had a lovely chat with Einmusik just before his performance at Kloster Istanbul.


Welcome back to Istanbul! You have been here before for many performances like 3ptv. Have you realized any changes around the town since the last time?

Not really, actually. I walked a bit around the town today and I had some food. I am going to have tantuni also. The only thing what I saw was a lot of police in the streets, maybe there was some kind of demonstration again. So, yeah but this is like everywhere at the moment, Istanbul and Europe also, there is a lot of police because of terror I think. Everybody is in a bit fear.

Are there any tracks that come to your attention? Which are your favourites? What is in your phone right now?

Which I remember? Ooh. To be honest, I am listening Rachmaninoff at the moment when I’m travelling. So classical stuff. They are so far away from techno music. I’m catching a lot of inspiration from traditional, classical and jazz music because I’m having techno music every weekend and I’m always in contact with that, you know. Sometimes it is good to get some influences out of this particularly.

Is it kind of meditation for you? Listening jazz music, like taking a break from techno music?

Yes! Of course. Additionally, classical composition takes you to different points sometimes when you are again at the studio producing music. It is the classical way, the important composes from the past are always a good lesson.

I know that you are the owner of the label companny called “Einmusika Recordings”. It is really famous and quite good.

Yes, it is crazy at the moment.

So what should we expect for the upcoming year?

A lot! We keep up bringing a new release every two weeks. Recently, there are new artists and also already-known bigger artists and nice corporations.


I saw a video of you, talking about your 10 years. It was such a good interview. You really made a good speech about yourself and your life. On the last May, you have come up with a new album. How are the reactions?

The last album, you mean? Really good. To be honest, I’m really happy to make albums at the moment because then you can present a nice diversity of music. When you just bring out a EP and maybe you have 3 tracks or something like that in it then you are really limited in presenting sounds. With an album, you can present yourself but with all the influences in your head at that moment.

Do you see yourself developing with each album?

Always. It shoud never stop, otherwise it’s getting boring. The general mood outside in the streets is always changing every season. When you bring out a new album every year then you are naturally having a development in yourself.

My favourite set of yours is the one recorded at Fusion Festival. When you go to a festival like this, what are the primary feelings you have? How do you feel? Just like a casual day?

No, to be honest I prefer festivals. Big, open-air things. Because music is sounding so much better and people always feel better outside. If the weather is good also. It’s really charming to play. Fusion is one of the most important festivals in Europe. It’s a big chance to play there because so many nice people are there only to listen good and diverse music and if you are playing there as an artist, it’s really a good chance to present your sound and your music. It is really important, everybody recognizes your set like you  All these festival seasons are really interesting. In the winter season maybe all the festivals are going more to the other side of the world. For example I’m having a small South America tour around New Year’s Eve.

Are you touring right now?
No. At the end of the year I’m playing in Mexico for example. There is summer over there so when we are having here winter, the other side of the world is having summer. In few weeks, I’m having South America tour, I’m happy about that.

Lastly, what do you feel about tonight?
I’m really looking forward to it! I didn’t play at Kloster before so I’m really curious about that.

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