Interview: INJI | She’s “The One”

In the vibrant world of music, where passion and talent harmonize to create magic, I had the privilege of interviewing a rising star. A name that is already making waves in the industry… INJI.

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She is not just another pretty face with a captivating voice, but a prodigious talent whose vibe and talent have the power to captivate hearts and souls alike. In this exclusive interview, we delve deep into her life, inspirations and aspirations of this remarkable young artist, offering a glimpse into the journey that will undoubtedly excite and inspire us all.

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? Can you share your actual name, your origin, your school and your zodiac sign with us? 

My real name is Inci, just like the artist name (I just english-ized the letters so they didn’t call me “insee” lol). I’m born and raised from Istanbul – I came to the US for college. I went to University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business to study finance. Loved it, was a big finance nerd for a long time lolz. I’m a capricorn and really have capricorn energy.

What inspired you to pursue a career in music? Tell us a little bit of this exciting journey.

I have been a classical pianist my whole life. I actually graduated from the Istanbul public conservatory in the field of piano when I was 17! So I had a passion for music forever. It is what makes me happy, what calms me down and the stage is where I belong I’ve known that forever. I then started singing more so in classical choirs and jazz bands and ran a little cover band around college. I never thought I’d pursue a career in music – I didn’t write a lot and my interest in music wasn’t popular music.

It all changed when a random video I posted on TikTok went viral (It was the first song I wrote to publish called GASLIGHT) and my world entirely changed. To be honest, I was not truly convinced that I could be a full-time musician until my first live shows. Seeing all my friends scream these songs with me and tasting that feeling of being on stage… I don’t think I can ever go back.



Amy Winehouse is my favorite artist and number 1 lyrical influence. Her lyrics are unmatched, extremely detail oriented, storytelling and surprising to the listener. I love her so much and she inspires my writing a lot.

Nicki Minaj: she gives ZERO f’s. I love her. She’s hilarious and so confident and always stays relevant. Massive inspiration.

I take inspiration from Sofi Tukker because all of their songs are so full of life and fun. They’re lighthearted and at the core of their music lies just having an amazing time. I try to keep that fun and lively energy in my music also. 

I know that you and your two friends have been a tight-knit group since the very beginning. Could you share how your journey together first began shortly?


YAAAYYY after a very very long time the song and video is out!! #newmusic #musicvideo #reggeaton #dancehall #indieartist #fyp

♬ original sound – INJI

So my two friends are called Jonah and Alex <3 

As I said I used to run a little jazz band in college, we would mostly go around frat houses and perform for more romantic events like Valentine’s Day. One day my drummer gets sick so I last minute get a substitute drummer, Alex who tells me he’s a producer so we start hanging out. 

At that point I have a faint idea in my head that I want to make music but I have NOOOO idea how. I don’t know how to produce I don’t know any producers all I had was a thought.

So Alex starts making it all a reality and he plays me a beat that he made years ago from a file called “trash”. It was the beat that later became Gaslight.

Jonah on the other hand, was the rapper on campus and the only person I knew with a Spotify profile. I had a little crush on him so I asked him if he wanted to write this song with me. So we wrote GASLIGHT. It all massively blew up so we became a crew after then.

Jonah and Alex then graduated and started doing their full-time boring finance jobs… But still made a lot of the EP together and we still make a lot of my music the three of us.

You also started performing around the world – which seems to be going great! Which was the best one so far? How did it make you feel at first?

Oh my god it has been unreal. So I just started my first ever mini-tour performing my own music. Every show is better than the other… London was SO intimate and so adorable I got to meet so many of my fans afterwards. Los Angeles went SO hard. People came sunglasses on ready to party and we absolutely had a blast. New York was so special because it was an incredibly huge room and we sold out! I also got to perform with Alex on stage with me and Jonah there so it was especially special for me.

Honestly a couple of months ago when I booked these shows I was terrified. I didn’t know how well dance music was going to translate to a live show that wasn’t a DJ set. But my audience has been so reactive so awesome and so encouraging. It has been the best month OF MY LIFE.

A little bit of gossip.. Is it true that you performed “Gaslight” in front of your ex? I saw it while watching one of your videos that you shared on Instagram and TikTok. 


come to my live show if you have an ex lol I promise it’s a blast. Also comment who you think he is heheheh. Ticket links are in my biooo #newmusic #newartist #liveshow #dj #edm #festival #showtickets

♬ original sound – INJI

OKAY. so. We have a lot to unpack here. 

Yes. I did perform it in front of my ex, because we went to the same school and that performance happened at school. However (this might be very surprising) I actually really value staying on good terms with your ex, and I’m not on bad terms with any of mine. I definitely felt the lyrics of Gaslight and I know so many other girls and boys felt those emotions with me, but I never actually leaked anyone’s photos naked… I’m sure he was cheering me on from the audience. 

Do you plan to release this song? Is the story of the lyrics real? It seems like it. I think many of your fans already liked this a lot – we do love emotional stuff. You should release it!

This story is entirely real (down to the names of the girls)(i know, tea) but it’s not my story. This happened to one of my best friends and I wrote the song from her perspective. Sometimes I don’t have a lot of drama I’m going through and I definitely pull from my friends’ experiences and stories.

BUT. (more tea) My ex did message me about this song asking me why I was lying on social media. I did tell him it wasn’t about him in any way and the misunderstanding was resolved.

Quick Q&A time!

  • Instagram or TikTok?


  • Pink or black?


  • Pop or dubstep?


  • Dua Lipa or Lady Gaga?

This is literally an impossible question. Lady Gaga is an icon. So is Dua. I’m gonna have to go with Gaga.

  • Tarkan or Mustafa Sandal? 🙂


  • Leo or Taurus?

Sorry to disappoint but I know nothing about zodiac signs and I think they’re all fake AHAHA.

  • Boys with blonde hair or dark hair?

I like dark haired boys but I’m in love with a blondie right now…

  • Brown or blue eyes?

Both so beautiful.

  • The song that gives you goosebumps?

I love you by Billie Eilish

  • Your favorite music video?

I don’t know why but I LOVE Barbie Dreamz by Nicki Minaj.

  • Your favorite Turkish song?

I’m a huge Ezhel fan! LOLO these days…

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