Interview: Karmon | The Unique Sound Of Dance Floor

Having started his music career at an early age, Karmon has gained an important place both in the music lists and the hearts of his fans. We know him especially from his prospering tracks that created great reactions like “Wowshit”.

Karmon who does not let any break the ones who are on the dance floor during the nights in which he performs is coming to indigo where we like to see him on Saturday, 5th March, 2016. I had a chance to have an interview with him before his performance at indigo.

First of all thank you for accepting my interview request! I would like to start the invertiew by asking how would you describe your music’s evolution from “Turning Point” and “Wowshit” to the current moment?

Back then I didn’t really have a direction in music. I was just making music with a clear mind and did not feel restricted in any way. I just made what I liked and felt at that moment. After 2 – 3 years, that particular sound was not challenging me anymore, so I started reexperimenting with new sounds and ideas, and I’m still enjoying this process.

When your talent is discussed among the people, all of the comments are positive all the time. What are your primary inspirations or who inspires you the most when you are the studio?

The reaction has been great so far. Of course there are also negative comments. It would be wrong if those weren’t there, nobody is perfect.
In the studio things just come naturally from time to time. I think my equipment helps keep me constantly inspired. Artists who have a refreshing and unique sound also inspire me and, I guess, all the music I ever listened to.

What was the best party that you have ever attended before you started your musical journey?

Well I started music quiet early. I wasn’t allowed to enter the clubs but was already playing there. I visited quiet allot of parties but I can’t really pick one that was really the best. I did go to a lot of events where the CLR ( Chris Liebing, Brian Sanhaji, Monoloc etc..) guys were playing. I really liked them and I still do.

Are you touring right now? I know you will be performing at 10 Years Diynamic in Berlin and then in Amsterdam. Could you give more details about them?

Yes. Our 10 Year anniversary is happening this year, so we will be in various cites for a Diynamic takeover 🙂 There will also be 2-3 events with all the artists. The first one will be in Berlin next month. Ritter Butzke on Saturday and Watergate on Sunday. I know already that it is going to be 2 heavy but fun days. Few weeks after, there will be a Brazil & Argentina tour, with a part of the Diynamic Crew and after that Diynamic Festival in Amsterdam, where I hope it’s not gonna rain this year (laughs).

I attended one of your performances that took in Istanbul, in indigo in fact which was 2 years ago and it was absolutely amazing. Are you excited to meet with the people of Istanbul again? Would you like to send a message to your fans?

That’s great to hear! 🙂 It’s always a pleasure for me to play in indigo and I am happy to come back every time. I really like the vibe and the crowd there, and enjoyed every event with them. I’m looking forward to be back and stay till the end again.

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