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The next guest of the interview series is ,one of Bulgaria’s fresh ones, DJ and producer Metodi Hristov.

Having entered the electronic music world rapidly, Hristov has gone from strength to strength specially with his tech-house productions. Mixing carefully different genres, he has excited a music label called Glasgow Underground’s attention. It is possible to hear Hristov’s tracks more in England territories rather than in his actual country.

1- First of all thanks for the acception of my interview invitation even though you have a busy schedule! How are you, what have you been doing lately? Would you want to tell us a little?

Hi! It’s a pleasure for me, thanks for the invitation! Yes, I’m very busy lately. There are a lot of productions going on and I travel a lot. At the moment I’m feeling very happy – maybe more than ever. Everything that I planned and dreamed of is happening right now (or is gonna happen soon).

2- “Step Outside”, the track that you published in 2014, is really good. Can we say that the last year has been very succesful for you?

Thank you! Yes, definitely! 2014 was very successful, but looking forward, I guess that 2015 will be even more successful.

3- How did you meet with the label record called Glasgow Underground and how did you start to work with them?

Kevin McKay wrote me asking for a remix. Then he asked for an original track. And here we are now.


4- According to my observations, you have a definite amount of audience in Istanbul, especially many of my friends adore your tracks. What do you think about it?

That makes me really happy!

5- It is obvious that you have a specific music style, have you been moving forward like this since the beginning?

No, in the beginning I produced and played lighter and slightly more commercial music. I think style is formed over years. It requires time and is built on the basis of your own taste, experience over the years and how you see the world around you, i.e. your inner atmosphere. Also – in my case – style is something that never stops changing and shaping, as well as my experience, my taste and my inner attitude.

Let’s dive into your inner world, shall we?

– If you had a chance to have a different profession, you would be Astronomist.

– If you made a world tour, your first stop would be … I really don’t know.

– If you created a music genre, its name would be Metodi Hristov😀

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