Interview: Nhan Solo | With Passion, With Love

Next guest on the interview series is Nhan Solo, the boy who embraces the house music with passion.

Coming from Berlin’s underground house music scene, he is famous for his successful music taste, his DJing skills and his amazing personality. He has also his own record label called Mother Recordings that released many tracks that became popular among the music lovers. Moving forward step by step in his music career, Nhan Solo has become one of the respected DJs in the world.

I had a very nice and cheerful conversation with Nhan Solo before his performance at Before Sunset Closing Sessions, the event held by Murat Tokuz, the music director of Before Sunset Beach, with the contribution of Generic Music on 30th of August at Çeşme.


Thanks for the interview acceptation and welcome to Çeşme by the way! First of all I would like to ask you did you like it here, Çeşme? What was your first impression about here?

Are you really asking this? Come on! No, I don’t like it, I love it. The seaside is amazing, the sea is super blue. I think that the people are super nice and warm hearted. They are very hospitable, professional and polite. I think that the best seafood is here. Atmosphere is very peaceful and I see that the beautiful party people are totally into house, sun, beach and love.

Is it your first time in Çeşme? And in Turkey?

Yes it is my first time in Çeşme. But in Turkey no. I played several times in Istanbul and my favourite club is İndigo and I played on the Bosphorus in a boat party. Actually I do live in Berlin so I know Turkish people and the food well.

Let’s talk about your upcoming EP which is called “Feelings” on your own company Mother Recordings, can you tell us a little about the EP?

My next release is a solo project called the Feeling EP. Actually I’m really super excited because of all the great feedback and support from artist like Tiga, Riva Starr, Groove Armada, Doorly, Crazy P that I respect and mean a lot to me. I feel quite honored as a musician as well.

In almost every comment of you, people have mentioned your feelings about house music. Is it a passion for you or a true kind of feeling?

I mean passion and feeling, they are close. Of course we do it with passion, we have love and the feelings for the music and you need this kind of passion to do this kind of job.

You have started this with a passion, right?

Of course, I have never intended to be like a professional and a well-known DJ. I came to Berlin 10 years ago and I started my studies there and step by step I get into the music scene. But music was always there, it was always a passion and a focal point in my life.


It is going to be a weird question but do you remember your first time at a night club? How was it?

I come from a skateboarding, hip-hop and crossover background and first fell in love with house in the late nineties / early zero years. I come from a small town in lower Bavaria with an amazing landscape, fresh air but no club scene whatsoever. So the next biggest city was Munich, that’s where I went on the weekends with my friends that have brought me mostly to warehouse parties in a defunct airport (Flughafen Riem) or the notorious Ultraschall Club. This feeling is really similar to skateboarding like the feeling that you are in a bunch of group sharing the similar feelings.

And I would like to talk about your present and future plans. I see that you have been touring a lot, festivals, events… What are the upcoming plans and gigs? Maybe Istanbul?

Yes, to be honest I am super happy about last three months, I played in lots of shows like in a huge Mexico Tour, couple of festivals… But actually this is my last show for the summer and then I am going for a holiday in Spain!

I know that you had a gig in Istanbul in the past, are you planning to come to İstanbul again?

Hopefully I am coming back this year and I have a lot of friends there. Actually friends of mine are promoting this weekend a festival at Suma Beach. I am really connected to my friends and in my opinion the Turkish food is the best. I like to eat a lot and Istanbul is actually such a nice place to live.

Describe Istanbul in 3 words: BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL

Without LOVE AND PASSION TO THE MUSIC, I would not be able to come to this current moment.

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