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The next guest on the interview series is Stefan Hantel, as we know, Shantel!

Born in Frankfurt – Germany, Shantel started his career in electronic music world here as a DJ. During the 90s he used to go to visit his family in Romania’s Bucovina region and he fell in love with the multi-ethnic music style of the folk living there and that’s how he started to build his own style. Afterwards, he has advanced in his career as a DJ and a producer with his gypsy remixes that make people dance non-stop.

So how come we know and love him that much? “Disco Partizani”, the main track of the album that he published in 2007, may be the key for his gaining popularity in Turkey. If you would like to know well this successful artist who harmonizes the electronic music with the different genres, please continue reading.

1- First of all, thanks for accepting this interview for! You have a huge fanbase in Turkey and your many songs are still listened, what is the reason that you are so loved in Turkey?

To be honest, I really don’t know. It’s a kind of magic thing. I have never had an idea about it, but I take it all for positive. I am performing now in Turkey for about 10 years and I always had a great time.

2- As known, “Disco Partizani”‘s video clip was made in Istanbul. It has been a long time since then but can you share any unforgettable moment from that day?

When we did the shooting of “Disko Partizani” clip in Istanbul it was a completely different period for me. Istanbul was a very dynamic and growing city with a lot of open minded cool people. It was my personal number 1 city in Europe. All this great mix of different cultures and styles. Amazing! When we started shooting it was just a joyful freestyle session and we were really lucky that almost everybody in Istanbul is just a great performer in front of the camera. Citizens of Istanbul are natural born movie stars.

3- Do you think there are some other people using the Balkan music that successful? If so, who are you favorites?

I am not representing Balkans! This is maybe one of the biggest misunderstandings in my international music career. I am an crossover artist. My approach was always bringing different styles together and combine them. I am coming from a very cosmopolitical family with many different roots and I am growing up with the music from Southeastern Europe, the Mediterranean and Greece and of course the Western pop culture, electronic music and jazz.


4- In the last season, we listened you at Babylon, I was there too and the crowd never stopped dancing. You come to Turkey too often, do you consider yourself as “local” of here?

In terms of a open minded and cosmopolitical spirit, dancing is the best way to bring different cultures and people together. Istanbul is nearly the best playground for my general lifetstyle philosophy.

5- Let’s come to the current moment. Your new song “Disco Devil” is one of the fresh ones surfing around the Internet. It’s from your new album coming up, right? Can you talk about it in more detail? The video clip looks great by the way!

Oh thank you. My upcoming new album “VIVA DIASPORA” will be released in September 2015. I recorded almost all my new songs in Athens / Greece. I was part of a cultural exchange project and we all faced the dramatic economical crisis in Greece. So my idea was just to bring all those great and talented musicians and artist from Athens together and create a vibrant road movie with traditional sounding songs and some straight edgy electronic dance tracks.

6- I remember that you have been in Belgium within your tour. Where are you right now and where will you be giving concerts next?

I am just on my way to South of France preparing some live shows for the South of France. I did some shows in England and will be back in Turkey in September for live music festival in Antalya – Side. It is going to be great & hope to see you all there!

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