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Having made its name from São Paulo to the whole world with the philosophy called “Techno is past, present and future!”, Victor Ruiz is one of best loved names in Istanbul.

DJ/producer who released many high quality tracks like “Addicted”, “Thoughts” and “Work” continues having performances throughout the world with his special partner Any Mello.

I had a little talk with him before his performance at indigo on the night of April 23rd. We talked about finding inspiration, his tour life and many more things.

To begin, I guess that it is not the first time you are in Istanbul, do you like to come here? Have you noticed any changes around the town? What do you think about the city and the electronic music scene of Istanbul?

Yes, it is the third time actually. I love to come here. It is good to be back in Istanbul and I am very happy to be here. This time is a short time but I will enjoy as well. It is one of my favourite cities in the whole world. It is hard to say because I did not spend a lot of time around here. I only played at indigo all the time so but every time was amazing. Istanbul is amazing, I have some friends from indigo, like Murat Uncuoglu, he is such a nice guy. I have some people that I know, that I really like. I find the people here very friendly.

You are known as one of the most talented artists in the world, in Istanbul. There are many good tracks of yours that we like. All these wonderful tracks and shows… How do you describe your musical journey in basic words? Was it difficult to come to this moment?

Wow, it is impossible to say it in basic words.

It is a long journey I know.

Yes it is, of course. I started to make music when I was a kid. It is always coming from my heart, from my mind. I am very passionate about what I do. I began with rock ‘n’ roll when I was a kid like then psy-trance when I was a teenager and then techno.


I see that you are touring with Any a lot. Is it tiring? Is it adventurous or exciting all the time? How does it feel to travel all the time and have performances?

No, lots of people think that DJs’ have the best life like we are flying a lot and going to amazing places and parties. But sometimes it is tough and sometimes you don’t have time to sleep. Sometimes when we arrive the city we have to go straight to the gate, the club or to the festival. Or you have to go back to the airport and then fly again. It is sometimes very crazy but I love it. It is my life you know.

How do you find time for producing? Is it easy for you to produce in this busy schedule?

Yes it is because when I started producing I did not have the proper equipment so I always got used to produce with headphones. So when I travel I can just put my headphones and make music on my laptop. I made some tracks also during long flights. It depends, if I have time and inspiration, I open my notebook, put my headphones and go for it. And then after I mix it.

And what are the 3 important things you always carry during traveling?

Ohhh, this is funny because we played last night in Munich, Germany and tonight in Istanbul. This weekend I did not travel with my computer. So, it is the first time for me ever! It is a bit weird, when I get in my hotel room I just open it and start making music, surfing, watching movies or anything. Now, I just go there with my Iphone, but I have more time for my girl!


Let’s talk about your new EP, Soul Seek.

If you follow me you know already that I made a statement about this track. I have already made some tracks for my girl but this is very special. I was very emotive when I did that, I had such a good feeling about it. I was %100 inspired on Any, my girl. All this love that I have for her, I tried to express in the music. I remember just like to play the same loop again and again and all the melodies it has in the track were played live, I played live in my synthesizer, no midi. Everything was live. It was amazing.

And yesterday was her birthday, right?

Exactly! Today is the day, our birthday that we knew each other. We met exactly 5 years ago. It is super special, I love her.

Finally, what do you recommend to your fans about how to find some inspiration in the life? What is your message?

I think one of the most important things is that, I always tell that to everybody, hardworking is super important. There are no shortcuts to go wherever you want to go. You have to be focused, you have to have a goal and go for it. Work your ass off because otherwise you won’t go anywhere. Follow your heart when you do not know what to do. Just breathe and ask yourself “What I need to do?, “Where I need to go?”, “What do I want?”. Just follow your guts. Follow your dreams. And one thing that is very important, do not let know anybody tell you “You can’t do it”, because you can. No matter how hard it is or how long it will take, go for it.

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